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By Victoria Phillips
Time has turned the world around.
Darkness has seeped right into me,
From the blood red ground.
Tears run from my muddy face,
Because ive lost my can of mace.
These times all retracted,
My words all that have been wrote, connected.
Horrors like the silent train,
Or of the rotted body and brain.
All of which serve their purpose.
To relinquish the things of old,
Knowing not of whats to come,
Only of what has passed.
Pain and sorrow and even,
Even, my own death.
A loss of heart and those who love,
And will always be loved.
The never-ending dark and,
Never-ending loneliness.
The finding of a home,
Only to lose and find it again.
Forever missing my empty heart.
The loss of one so close,
That the one who knew all is gone,
Maybe not forever but it seems as if so.
:icontheforgottenfew:theforgottenfew 2 4
By Victoria Phillips
There is no place for time to slow
Or is there? We will never know.
My heart, a desolate waste.
To go through, you must go with haste.
In this barren land, time just stops,
And there are no cops,
Cops that keep my heart against will.
The hole that's there will never fill.
I've lost all who have made my day.
The same ones who have helped me on my way.
Not in a while daylight has it seen,
My heart, that is, will never glean.
Loved ones locked away so far,
Hidden behind a large long bar.
There is no place for time to slow.
Or is there? I do know.
It may not slow, but it does stop.
Does that count? We will never know.
The brain they say, is a powerful thing.
It records memories in a bind,
Puts them away in my mind.
This is where all time stops.
These memories never forgotten,
Leaving my heart forever barren.
Things never meant to happen.
Yet always remembered.
And also so permanent.
Remembering these things brings nothing but pain.
And forever in my mind it perman
:icontheforgottenfew:theforgottenfew 2 4
The Deathly Calling
The Deathly Calling
By Victoria Phillips
I'm tired of trying,
Tired of dying,
Tired of living with doubt.
Forever forgotten,
While never forgiven,
Always erased from time.
All of the lying,
Mixed with the crying,
Makes anyone want to pout.
Things oh so rotten,
Making me forever smitten,
Causing me to create these rhymes.
Sadness bows my head in shame,
I'll never be able to reach fame,
Infamous 'til the day I'm dead.
Anger anticipates my every move,
Causes my feet to shuffle with the groove,
Everyday grinds for every day binds.
Among these zombies around me came,
zombies coming to do nothing but maime,
A bat is what they'll swing at my head.
:icontheforgottenfew:theforgottenfew 3 34
The Dancer II
The Dancer II
By Victoria Phillips
Turn and twist.
Spin and stop.
Sway in time
The music it rhymes.
Hips and wrists so graceful.
Entrancing with their beauty.
Rolling the body.
Twisting the waist.
Beats go faster.
Heart sounds louder.
Blood flows smoother.
Her skirt in its many peices,
Flows so fast its in blurs.
The greens and blues and browns all connected.
Feet moving so fast it looks,
Looks as if she floats.
Her body is magic,
Never a flaw to be seen.
The audience is so silent,
Mouths agape with pride.
She never stops,
Forever is her body twisting.
The turning and rolling of the graceful girl.
Dancer she is,
Forever and always.
:icontheforgottenfew:theforgottenfew 2 25
The First Day of school
The First Day of School
By Victoria Phillips
There you stand all alone in the crowded hallway. You look around, and out of all the familiar faces you recognize, no one seems familiar. Everyone you know is gone and all that is left is emptyness and ever since, you've been looking for someone to get to know. Then all of a sudden someone appears from behind, they ask your name and give you theirs. All the while your words almost fail because you're thankful that their is someone who wants to get to know you. You smile as you both talk, and wonder if there is a hidden meaning in their speaking to you. But yet you can only think of how thankful you are, because all you can remember from before the summer is how you knew all of the now unfamiliar faces. And now you don't. And they are yet again a mystery. Even you are a mystery to yourself. But that one stranger who took the time to talk to you, helps you to start to know yourself again. You find yourself and you appreciate that stranger, an
:icontheforgottenfew:theforgottenfew 2 19
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The boy
The Boy
By Victoria Phillips
Chances are you see me,
But you don't know that I'm there.
You probably pass right by me everyday,
But you're too busy to notice how I stare.
I sit next to you on a crowded bus,
And you lean over and smell my hair.
But you never notice.
You never notice how I care and stare.
You never hear me when I tell you what I fear,
Never are you listening,
When I tell you I like the way you smell.
You never notice when a note drops by your desk.
You're never looking when I wave in the hall.
As a matter of fact,
You don't aknowledge me at all.
:icontheforgottenfew:theforgottenfew 1 4
Silently Screaming
Silently Screaming
By Victoria Phillips
To everyone around
She is silent
Always in silence
But in reality
She is screaming
Screaming out in pain
But while she sits
Sits on the crowded train
No one hears her
No one hears her screams for help
Or her complaints of pain
But all the while
As she withers away
No one is watching
And no one can hear
As she screams -
She sits and hopes
Hopes that someone can hear
Hear her silent screams
And her rants of pain
And her pleas for help
Screaming and screaming is how she is
And forever screaming her pleas
Forever screaming for help
Is the way she met
Met her painful end
:icontheforgottenfew:theforgottenfew 1 12
By Victoria Phillips
Life is precious, so don't waste it.
You think you've lived your life fully until you lose it.
And then after you lose your life,
You'll wish you had it back.
But by then it'll be too late,
To get a second chance.
Besides if you do take life for granted,
And take the chance of not living,
Your life will be underrated.
If you choose you can waste it.
However you won't have lived.
You will be empty,
A shell with no filling.
And you won't have lived on
Because you won't have created a legacy.
You won't have children,
Or anything leftover from what you have done in this world.
If you don't live, you won't love.
And you can't live if you haven't loved,
Or even suffered a loss.
So think about it,
Why waste life?
You only have one!
:icontheforgottenfew:theforgottenfew 3 4
I Wish
I Wish
By Victoria Phillips
I wish I could leave,
But I have no where to go.
I wish I could die,
But there's no one who cares.
I wish I could tell them how I feel,
But no one will listen.
I wish I could cry,
But I haven't a shoulder to cry on.
I wish I had someone who loved me,
But there's no one around.
I wish I could scream,
But after all of my "I wishing" I have no voice.
:icontheforgottenfew:theforgottenfew 2 2
If Only
If Only
By Victoria Phillips
If only I could see you one more time,
But you're six feet under.
If only you could see my pain,
But no one is around who has eyes.
If only I had someone who would listen,
But there's no one around who has ears.
If only there was someone who had ears,
Then there would be someone to listen.
But that would be to easy.
Wouldn't it?
:icontheforgottenfew:theforgottenfew 2 0
The Dancer
The Dancer
By Victoria Phillips
Round and round the silver light spins.
Reflecting off the faceless grins.
The words they speak will forever bleed,
And this warning is one you should heed.
The nails they scrape so deep and hard,
Tearing the skin into sheets like a card.
Blood running so smooth and thick,
Enough is there to make most sick.
Flesh, it dangles in little strips,
As the dancer begins to sway her hips.
Feeling the rhythm along with the beat,
While blood runs down, she will shuffle her feet.
Her mood begins to shift way too violent.
The tears that pour down do oh so silent.
Skin still hanging from bloodied fingers,
And the voices in her head begin to set off ringers.
These voices begin to chant;
    " We see all,
             We hear most,
                    We control you,
:icontheforgottenfew:theforgottenfew 4 7

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I really wish I was back in Florida again. I miss all of the fun times I had with all of the fun people I used to know. I'm afraid to try and get back in touch with them because of how long it has been. I feel like I'd be made to feel silly because of how much they have all changed. But at the same tim i crave the adventure and everything the contact the horrible things we did and all of the trouble we got into. I don't know what to do. I just have this giant hole in me and it makes me regret having moved away.


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